Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical stimulation (E-Stim) is the use of electrical impulses to an area of the body to stimulate nerves and muscles. At Fusion Vet Physio we use the PT2010 which is designed specifically for small animal use.

There are two types of E-Stim:

•     Neuromuscular E-Stim (NMES), which stimulates nerves and muscles to prevent muscle atrophy (muscle mass loss) and strengthen specific muscles.

•     Transcutaneous E-Stim (TENS), which stimulates nerves to facilitate pain relief and comfort.

Electrical muscle stimulation is beneficial for a variety of conditions including acute and chronic orthopaedic and neurological injuries, recovery from surgery, paralysis and pain.

Using the PT2010 may also be demonstrated to an owner during a physiotherapy session in order for the owner to provide the benefits of this modality at home.



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