Underwater Treadmill

At Fusion vet physio we continually strive to offer our customers the best facility, treatment and therapeutic equipment, not only are we the first in Aberdeenshire to offer the new Stance analyser but we now offer our clients the underwater treadmill.

The underwater treadmill provides partial weight bearing exercise which allows a more comfortable environment for treatment, whilst reducing the stress on damaged tissues and joints. Not only is it a very effective way of facilitating a normal walking pattern following an operation or lameness but any treatment programme can be graded and easily measured since water levels and speed can be adjusted accordingly.

With full round vision and easy access doors this will easily accommodate any size of dog whilst allowing both the hydrotherapist and owner to closely observe the dogs gait throughout.

Here at Fusion having both a hydro pool and treadmill means we can better tailor our

treatment programs to optimise them for the specific needs of each patient. 




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