Referral Swim

Hydrotherapy utilises the warmth, buoyancy and resistance of water in a controlled environment to provide an optimal setting for cardiovascular conditioning and physical rehabilitation. Programs are individually planned for your pet to maximise health benefits and importantly for those who have been on limited exercise or cage rest a chance to have some safe fun!

We work with a range of injuries and disabilities including paralysis, cruciate ligament tears, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy (DM), and chronic arthritis. Pets are referred for hydrotherapy pre surgery to improve/maintain muscle and joint health and also post operatively to maximise a swift return to mobility.

When your pet is referred for hydrotherapy, in this session, as with all our services we will provide them with optimal care and dedication to their safety and wellbeing. Your pet’s session will be with a qualified hydrotherapist and veterinary physiotherapist, who uses various techniques to effectively improve your pet's strength, coordination and general mobility, using massage, stretching, and passive range of motion whilst they are in the pool.



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